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10PointZero is a global provider of GPS Tracking Software, Installation of GPS Tracking devices and Surveillance Cameras. We offer solutions that deliver tangible business benefits and return on investments to more than 15,000 subscribers.

At Every Level
Carrier-certified High grade devices are tested and deployed — with full warranties.

We Offer You the Highest Value
Monitor & control your fleet, staff or asset with effective solutions at a lower cost.

Customer Satisfaction
Personalized customer support structure is focused on meeting customer expectations 24/7.

TRACK10 – Vehicle and Fleet Management Solution

Mobile Tracking

Locate vehicle using any GSM phone via SMS or with our Mobile App for Android or iOS

Vehicle Shutdown

Allows you shutdown and restore vehicle remotely via SMS or using our web portal.

PC Tracking

Allows you view real-time location of vehicle and also playback previous movements

Voice Monitoring

Listen to sounds and voices within and around the vehicle.

Geofence Alert

Set artificial boundaries such that when vehicle enters or exits it, you get an email or SMS alert.

We track all these...

  •  Decrease Your Fuel Bills
    by monitoring fuel level readings based on vehicle movement.
  •  Observe Speed Limits
    to reduce the risk of accidents and conserve fuel.
  •  Monitor Driver
    get realtime vehicle location, generate reports and shutdown at will.

GUARD10 – Home and Office Remote View Camera Solution

Wireless Option

Installation can be carried out wirelessly, thereby ensuring greater vandal proof solution.

Voice Monitoring

You can monitor and record voice in the area.

Motion Detection

Camera can be set to begin recording when it detects movement.

Remote Mobile Viewing

Allows you conveniently monitor real-time events using a Mobile of PC.

Day and Night Vision

Can capture clear feeds during the day and at night.

Wide Angle

Wide angular extent to capture a greater area in real-time.

Instant Notifications

Get alert direct on your phone once camera detects any movement.

Pan, Tilt or Zoom

You can turn, tilt and zoom the camera from any remote location.



We take pride in delivering unparalled Asset Tracking and Monitoring Solutions.

…never get lost navigating your destination

  • Preloaded with 2017 Updated maps of NIGERIA, GHANA
    and rest of West Africa
  • Tells you exactly where and when to turn, so that you
    can reach your destination.
  • Even if you miss a turn, it instantly re-calculates and gives you the new shortest route.

Track staffs, children or vehicle on the go…

  • View real-time location of Staffs, Children or Objects on PC or Mobile
  • Remotely listen to voice covertly with its super mini key-holder size
  • SOS button in case of emergency.
  • Rugged casing, resistant to water and shock for greater durability.


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