Human Tracking

The efficiency and safety of personnel is critical to any family or business, particularly those that operate in inherently hazardous industries or parents seeking optimum security for children whereabouts.

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Mini Tracker with Remote Monitoring

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  • Know where they are
    From your PC or Mobile Get realtime location of where your staffs or wards are without hassle.
  • Save Money
    Understand how effective your Marketers are performing and pay according to Map reports of their movement during working hours
  • Proactive Human Safety Measure
    Helps your monitor family, wards or delivery personnel to limit instances of Kidnap or Robbery.

Monitor Your Staffs or Wards

Take full control of there whereabouts

Track staffs, children or vehicle on the go…

  • View real-time location of Staffs, Children or Objects on PC or Mobile
  • Remotely listen to voice covertly with its super mini key-holder size
  • SOS button in case of emergency.
  • Rugged casing, resistant to water and shock for greater durability.
  • 72hrs backup battery before next recharge

TRACK10 [SM] Advantages:

  • Minimise safety problems by restricting access to potentially dangerous areas.
  • Seamlessly integrate our cost-effective TRACK10 [SM] solution into your existing infrastructure.
  • Program the system to create an alert condition when staff or ward exits or enters a certain area.
  • Monitor staff time and attendance records.
  • Listen to discussions covertly.

Areas of Application of TRACK10 [SM]

  • Industries: Transportation, mining, gaming, cruise ships
  • Personal Safety: High profile executives, security guards, business travelers
  • Workforce Tracking: Salesmen, couriers, Service technicians in the field
  • Vehicle Tracking: Rental cars, shuttle buses, delivery trucks
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