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DC Power Pigtail Cable Male (x10 pcs)


DC Power Pigtail Cable, Male CCTV Security Camera Power Adapter Connectors Provides a simple DIY solution for DC power connectivity, work with a power adapter or a power supply box.

  • Safe, secure connection & Rapid Transmission Compatible with all CCTV systems
  • 2.1*5.5mm DC power devices like part lighting or led strips.
  • Easy Installation:
  • Tin solder at tail is easy to weld and install,
  • also features two wires on the other Red Black wire jackets indicate polarity.
  • 10 pairs male
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Systimax CAT 5e UTP Copper Cable – 305m


Cabling Cat 5e Systimax 1061C SL 4/24 W1000, 1 roll 1.000feet (305M). SYSTIMAX cable now also called Commscope cable Cat 5e UTP Cable

Product Details Systimax Cable Cat 5 Copper
1. Specification: 4P+Mylar+AL+B
2. Rated Temperature: 60°C or 75°C
3. Unshielded twisted pairs
4. Conductor: 26AWG or 24AWG Stranding or Solid Bare copper
5. Insulation: HD-PE
6. Inner Shielded: AL-Mylar 100%(min) coverage
7. Outer Shielded: 36AWG Tinned copper or AL-MG braid 45%(min) coverage
8. Unrip rope: optional
9. Jacket: PVC or LSNH
10. Impedance:100±15%Ω at 1~100MHz
11. Reference standard: YD/T1019-2001,ISO/IEC11801,ANSI/TIA/EIA-568B,UL 444
12. Print Legend: CM or CMR

1. Solid Copper Conductor Allows High Performance
2. Fast and Reliable Connection
3. Twisted Pairs with Bright Color for Easy Recognition
4. Ripcord and Footmark for Convenient Use
5. Smooth Jacket for Easy Pulling in Tight Space

1. Computer Network Outdoor Cabling Project.
2. Broadband Network Communication.
3. Digital ISDN Network and ATM 155Mbps Network
4. Ethernet Network
5. Audio and Data Transmission

NOTE: This is a pure copper brand of cable.

Also the Quality of the product remains intact but the packaging may vary due to manufactueres modification.

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Systimax Cat6 UTP Pure Copper LAN Cable – 305M

  • Systimax Category 6 Enhanced (6e) PURE COPPER is an augmented specification designed to double transmission frequency to 500 MHz.
  • By wrapping Category 6e in grounded foil shielding,
  • full 10-Gigabit Ethernet speeds can be reached without sacrificing the max cable length of 305 meters.
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