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4-Channel CCTV Power Supply DC12V 5A Output adapter


Automatic Voltage Regulation(AVR) for Wide Input Operation Voltage and Stable Ouput Voltage

Product Details:

  • Model Number: PS-DC5A4P
  • INPUT: AC90 V TO 264V Dual Voltage
  • OUTPUT DC12V(Adjustable Voltage:Max. DC13.8V), 5A 4CH
  • Fused Build in PTC resettable Fuse
  • Safe Functions
  • Over or Under voltage Auto Sensing Protection ,
  • Overload Protection, Short Circuit Protection
  • LED Dedicated Power On/Off
  • Heat Released System Build in Fanless Heat sink


  • Lowest Interference to Avoid High-frequency
  • Signals, Designed for Surveillance System use
  • Package Blister card packaging / Yellow Paper box
  • Size 151 x 55 x 35mm
  • Weight 400g
  • Certification UL Listed, CE,FCC
  • Very durable and long lasting
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9CH CCTV PORTABLE POWER SUPPLY – DC12V 10AMP For Professional CCTV installation


Model: PS-DC10A09P, Ideal For Professional CCTV CAMERA Installation, 

With Terminal Screws Connectors.

 Main Features:

  • Stackable Design, Easy Expand to Unlimited
  • 9 Channel.
  • High Power Output, DC 12V, 10Amp.
  • High Amp Output Designed For 1 DVR + 8 Cameras.
  • Adjustable Output, From DC 11V To DC13.8V.
  • Build In Safety Features, Prevent Overload, Over Current, And Short Circuit.
  • Best Solution For Budget And Easy Installation.
  • Build In 4 Ways Wall Mount Hole, Wall Mountable Or  Use As, Desktop  Portable Power.
  • Product Size:L165*W105*H43 MM
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DC Power Pigtail Cable Male (x10 pcs)


DC Power Pigtail Cable, Male CCTV Security Camera Power Adapter Connectors Provides a simple DIY solution for DC power connectivity, work with a power adapter or a power supply box.

  • Safe, secure connection & Rapid Transmission Compatible with all CCTV systems
  • 2.1*5.5mm DC power devices like part lighting or led strips.
  • Easy Installation:
  • Tin solder at tail is easy to weld and install,
  • also features two wires on the other Red Black wire jackets indicate polarity.
  • 10 pairs male
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