TRACK10 – Vehicle Tracking

TRACK10 is our vehicle tracking and fleet management solution. It combines the functions of the GSM, GPS and GIS mapping technology to provide a more comprehensive robust location based service and anti-theft vehicle system.

  • Recover Vehicle in Event of Theft

  • Monitor Driver Movements

  • Monitor Vehicle mileage to aid scheduled maintenance

  • Watch live video of car or truck cargo from remote location

  • Get notification when is entering or exiting unauthorized zone

  • Monitor fuel usage

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10% discount on 3 or more installations


1.) SMS Mobile Tracking
User can locate vehicle using any GSM phone via SMS or with our Mobile App for Android or iOS

2.) PC Tracking
User can locate vehicle via PC by login on to our web tracking platform to view realtime location of vehicle and also playback previous movements.

3.) Geofence Alert
You can set artificial boundaries such that when vehicle enters or exits it, you get an email or SMS alert.

4.) Generate Automated Reports
Allows you generate automated Excel or PDF reports to automatically go to your email or download at specified intervals.

5.) Overspeed Alert
Get to know when vehicle exceeds your predefined speed limit via email or SMS

6.) Mileage Report
Get real-time mileage report from vehicle based on the distance travelled.

7.) Movement Alert
Get an alert anytime vehicle is in motion.

8.) 24hr Support
We offer 24/7 support via various contact channels found on the tracker user manual.

9.) Vehicle Shutdown
Allows you shutdown and restore vehicle remotely via SMS or using our web portal

10.) Voice Monitoring
Listen to sounds and voices within and around the vehicle.

11.) Engine Status
Get notification anytime vehicle engine is started or turned off.

12.) Battery Removal Alert
Get an email alert when battery is removed for prolonged period

You Get Free 3rd Party Insurance on any Selected Additional Features

Fuel Level Monitoring
Driver Analysis and Behaviour Report
Video remote monitoring