Easy ways to Earn cash from 10PointZero

“If it is stupid but it works, then it isn’t stupid.”

– Mercedes Lackey, Owlknight


STEP 1 – Register

CLICK HERE to register as an Agent on the 10PointZero Referral Network

STEP 2 – Upload Contact

Upload details of Client you are referring to us and Submit

STEP 3 – Receive Cash

Wait for our Admin to Complete processing request and then get your Cash Alert


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Vehicle/Bike Tracking

One of our core service is the installation of Vehicle/Bike tracking security devices. Recommend our Tracking services to your friends, colleagues, family, company etc.

CCTV Installation

We offer a range of CCTV systems from private use to commercial purpose. We sell, maintain and install security cameras. Refer any of our cctv services and get your commission.

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Personnel Tracking

Be a reseller or refer some one you know that might need to track there spouse or staff or students. Our TRACK10 Mobile personnel tracking device is the best solution to keep track on anyone’s movement.

You will be Amazed how easy it is to refer and earn

No skills required, you only need to know how to talk to someone.