This camera is the ideal solution for office, farms, warehouse, small and big shops for 24hrs surveillance without interruption. Even when the light trips off the camera continues protecting the environment for upto 3days. You can watch live real-time video from your phone and also do a playback to see past events. It also comes with Night vision to enable you make the most of this awesome device. You can also use this device to have a clear conversation remotely with its very clear and sharp internal speaker and mic. Features
  • FULL 1080P HD & Excellent Night Vision
  • Wireless 90-day Standby
  • High-Quality PIR Motion Detection
  • Real-Time Remote Intercom & 2-Way Audio
  • Free apps for Android and iOS,
  • High quality integrated microphone
  • Simultaneous detection of up to 16 visitors
  • And guess what? its super easy to install by yourself.