FULLY WIRELESS – POWERED BY SUNLIGHT Power supply independent solar ip camera charges its batteries with solar energy from its built-in solar panel. Can be placed anywhere around your house, factory or construction site. A truly stand-alone security IP camera.

*NIGHT VISION READY & WATERPROOF Built to withstand rain. Fit to be used outdoors in any location with WIFI coverage and sunlight. Works at night too: Infra Red light lets you to see in the dark. When it matters most.

*EASY TO SET UP Simply download the free APP (available for Android and iOS), follow the steps in the manual and youll have this device up and running in a few minutes. Basic understanding of WiFi networks needed: how to connect to different networks form your device. Easy to attach to walls, trees or posts with the included mounting kit.

*SMART MOTION SENSOR The motion detector (PIR) can be activated and sensitivity adjusted through the APP. With PIR active, the camera sends alert messages to your device with photo as soon as motion is detected.

*FULL CONTROL THROUGH APP From your device you can access the video live stream (including audio) any time from anywhere. Receive motion detection alerts, save snapshots and monitor battery levels. You have full control over all settings on your phone or tablet.

Package Includes:
– Camera
– Installation Kit
– Manual